Library Seasons

This week we’re taking down the set of Dig into Reading posters, removing the remaining Book Buck prizes and closing shop on the summer reading program. It’s time to bid a reluctant farewell to summer, and turn to greet the fall. It’s a bittersweet time. We had a wonderful summer. The library was full of children with eager voices and happy faces. Thousands of children’s books were borrowed from our shelves; hundreds of children joined in the reading program, and hundreds more came to our special events. But now, the once noisy Children’s Room is quiet. There are no longer lines at the circulation desk. The stack of books waiting to be re-shelved has dwindled. The seasons change and so must we.

We experience each season in the library differently. Summer at the library is busy, hectic and crowded. We hear the slapping sound of flip-flops as children walk along the carpet and catch the faint whiff of suntan lotion and swimming pool as they pass by. Friends and neighbors stand and chat about their summer reading and summer plans. There are stacks of books everywhere – books waiting to go out, waiting to come in, waiting to be re-shelved. The days fly by and we comment to each other how quickly the summer is going. And then, it is gone.

Fall is much more ordered and focused. Everyone is back on a schedule. There is no longer time to stand and chat. Everyone moves with a purpose. In the library, we turn our attention to the fall programming. There a new schedule of story times, book clubs, computer workshops and special events. It’s time to review the fall publication list, order books, update and evaluate the collection. The memories of summer linger, but as the days grow shorter and cooler, more and more of our attention is required for the present. The summer fades quietly away. Yet, we know that seasons come and go. There is another summer just around the corner. We’re already making plans.

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