Got Homework? We’ve Got Help!

This time of year means back to school and back to books for the children of Raynham. School is in session; classrooms are full, and expectations are high for another successful academic year. Here at the library, it means that it’s time for us to update our lists of homework resources and prepare to answer questions for children eager to complete their assignments. This is an important part of the library’s mission – to help children succeed in school.

We do this in several ways. We purchase books for the elementary and upper grades that support the CORE curriculum. We provide a webpage of homework resources with links to full text articles, encyclopedias and online resources, and we connect with teachers to make them aware that the public library is a source they can rely on throughout the school year.

The resources children have access to is, for the lack of a better word, amazing! We no longer think of resources as simply books on a shelf, but as a wide range of online databases, apps and electronic educational learning tools. A click of a mouse can bring up articles from today’s news headlines, or from any of a range of popular or scholarly magazines and journals. Search results may include videos, interactive maps, timelines, photographs, or audio recordings.

Many of the electronic resources offered on our Homework Resources webpage are provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. All school children in the state have equal access to grade level appropriate electronic encyclopedias and full text databases covering general information, biographies, health, history, literature, science, social and world issues. No library card is needed to view, download or print. Simply enter a search term, click the search button and sort through the results. It can be overwhelming for the first time user.

To help parents and children sort through all the library has to offer for homework support, we are holding an evening information session at the library on Tuesday, September 24 at 6:30 pm. We’ll provide an overview of the services and resources for elementary and middle school students, talk about how to access the library remotely, how to use online resources, and how to locate resources in the library. The open forum allows time to ask questions and network with other parents. Please register online in Coming Events on the library’s webpage, 

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