BookLetters Keeps You in the Know

Hundreds of thousands of books are published annually in the United States – fiction and non-fiction books for adults, fiction and non-fiction books for children, fiction and non-fiction books for teens, books in large type, books on compact discs, books in electronic format, board books, picture books…  Well, you get the idea. We spend a good amount of time just keeping up with what’s being published, reading reviews and deciding what to purchase.  That’s part of our job, and one of the best parts. But for the average person, the volume of books published each year makes the task of keeping up with new titles seem overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Now there’s an easy way to be sure you don’t miss out on the types of books you’d really like to read. It’s the library’s free e-newsletter service called BookLetters. Subscribe to as many e-newsletter lists as you’d like, and you’ll receive monthly e-mails with a brief description of each title on the list. There’s also a direct link for each title to the library’s catalog so you can easily reserve books of interest.

BookLetters’ categories include fiction best sellers, new non-fiction, mystery, business, lifestyles – cookbooks and gardening titles-, romance, past and present – current events, memoirs,  biographies and history titles-, science fiction and fantasy, science and nature as well as newsletters for children and teen titles. There’s even a newsletter for books discussed during the month on popular television and radio shows called Books on the Air. Your newsletters will keep you updated on the latest books published, and make it easy for you to be the first one to read them.

A few steps will get you on your way to receiving your e-newsletters. Visit the library’s webpage,, and click on BookLetters. You’ll see the list of e-newsletter categories.  Click the check box next to each e-newsletter you want to receive. Enter your e-mail address in the box provided at the bottom of the page, and click the Subscribe button.

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