Raynham Reads 2014: Lizzie Borden – Did she? Or didn’t she?

It’s been more than 120 years since Andrew Borden and his wife, Abby, were found bludgeoned to death in their Fall River home. After all these years, the grisly images and bizarre circumstances of their deaths continue to haunt and fascinate us, and every child can recite the famous rhyme about the 40 whacks. The Lizzie Borden case remains one of the great unsolved mysteries in criminal history. Did Lizzie Borden take an axe and kill first her stepmother and then her father? Or didn’t she? Questions still linger over a century later.

Articles and books about the Lizzie Borden case have appeared since the early 1890s and any number of theories has been advanced about the murders. But authors and experts cannot agree, and no one has even been convicted of the crime. There are many intriguing facts about the case which shade opinions and incite prejudice for or against Lizzie. Were you aware that there was a Raynham connection? Frederick C. Wilbur of Raynham was one of the twelve men who served on the jury.

If you can’t resist a delicious real-life mystery, then you’ll want to join in Raynham Reads 2014: Lizzie Borden – Did she? Or didn’t she? Books are available at the library beginning Monday, March 3. Choose from a number of titles – authors who believe she was innocent, authors who believe she was guilty, or books of just the facts.

The Friends of the Library have planned a full schedule of events during March and April, including a movie, The Legend of Lizzie Borden, a program on Lizzie Borden in popular culture, and a discussion of the Borden trial by local trial lawyer Francis O’Boy. The highlight of this year’s read is an interactive performance by the Delvena Theatre Company, Lizzie Borden and the 40 Whacks, on Sunday, March 30, at the Lions’ Club. Tickets to this special event go on sale at the library on Monday, March 3. for $20.00. A roast beef dinner is included in the price of admission.

Read about it; watch the movie; listen to the experts; view the evidence. Then you decide. You’ll have an opportunity to cast your vote at the library – Lizzie Borden – Did she or Didn’t she? during Raynham Reads 2014.

Raynham Reads 2014 is a community-wide program to encourage reading and discussion. It is a joint project of the Friends of Raynham Public Library, the Raynham Cultural Council and the Raynham Public Library. More information about Raynham Reads, including a schedule of events, booklists, and links to online resources, is available on the library’s website, raynhampubliclibrary.org.

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