There’s a book for that.

At this time of year we are bombarded with ideas for self-improvement. New Year, new you, right? – new body, new face, new interests, new friends, new everything. If only it were true. Sadly, most of us are stuck with the same old body, face, interests and friends. Not that we can’t change; not that we don’t want to change. It’s just so hard to break away from that comfort zone we all inhabit – no matter how resolute we are.

We make our New Year’s resolutions with great sincerity and good intentions, but it’s too easy to lose motivation as daily life chugs on. Those resolutions from last week may already be a distant memory. But if you’ve held fast and are determined to succeed, the library can help. Publishers know that the New Year brings an itch for change and release a multitude of books to motivate, inspire and transform us into our ideal selves. So, if you are ready to turn over a new leaf in 2015, there’s a book for that and you can find it at the library.

Want to shed weight, improve your looks and increase your self-esteem? Choose from an array of diet and exercise books. David Zulberg uses advice from the ancients to help you lose weight and change your life in his book, The 5 Skinny Habits. David Zinczenko promises you’ll lose weight in just 14 days if you follow his Zero Belly Diet, and Dr. Howard Murad tells you how to look better, live better and feel better in his book, Conquering Cultural Stress.

Looking for ways to simply your life, reduce the stress and rid yourself of the clutter? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, offers advice on organizing your home and simplifying your life. For the ultimate guide to reducing stress, checkout Pico Iyer’s book, The Art of Stillness. In it he explores the value of staying put, tuning out and contemplating the quiet.

No matter what your resolutions for the New Year, January is the ideal time for a fresh start–a time to embrace change. You need only a library card to begin the journey to a new you. Don’t have a library card? That’s the resolution that should be at the top of your list. And it’s the one you’ll be sure to keep.

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