It’s the First Day of School!

It’s a day that first-time parents dread, a day that sends mothers and fathers into nervous spasms and anxious twinges. It’s the first day of school for the first born; the day that the most precious of little ones begins his or her first step towards independence. That first step out into the world marks a milestone that few parents ever forget. It’s a significant moment in both the life of the child and in the life of the parents. Some children go eagerly to school; some hang back clinging to the familiar, and some just refuse to go altogether – with loud howls of protest over such unjust and unwarranted treatment.

Experts agree that preparing your child for school before the first day can greatly reduce any separation anxiety you or your child may feel and help to minimize the stress that you both may share. A little preparation for the day can go a long way in making the transition from home to school easier. If you’re facing a “First Day” at the Merrill School this September, we invite to the library for a special program to help children learn more about what to expect on that all important day. Children and parents will have the opportunity to meet a kindergarten teacher, the new school principal and a school bus driver. They’ll hear a story about kindergarten, make a craft and be given a short tour of the library. It’s a great opportunity to meet other first-timers and to share the anticipation and excitment of going to school. The program, Play Your Way into Kindergarten, is coordinated by the Raynham Early Childhood Parent Organization’s Class of 2028. We ask that you register for one of two dates, either Tuesday, September 1, or Wednesday, September 2. Both programs begin at 6:30 PM. To register, visit the library’s website,, or call the library at 508-823-1344.

For tips, advice and further reading suggestions, pick-up the library’s “It’s the First Day of School” brochure. You’ll find helpful ideas as well as lists of recommended reading for parents and children. The library offers dozens of books for children dealing with starting school, making friends and dealing with new situations. Reading a picture book together may be reassuring and help to quell any first-day jitters. You’ll find a display in the Children’s Room.

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