Believe me. This is good!

You know the old adage…If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We’ve been warned since childhood to be wary of anything that promises more than it can deliver, to examine closely the fine print before signing our name and to look with circumspect eye at any gift bestowed too lavishly. We’ve all thrown away those letters that began with – Congratulations! You are the lucky winner. Yes, we are wise in the ways of the world. You won’t catch us falling for one of those silly schemes. Unfortunately, this cynicism and suspicion may sometimes prevent us from taking advantage of exceptional opportunities.

Well, my friend. I am here today to tell you about just such an exceptional opportunity. An opportunity so good that you can’t pass it up, so tempting that you’ll disregard that warning in your head, so exceptional that you’ll find it hard to believe. What if you could download music for free – legally? And I’m talking about the latest, top-of-the-chart tunes, such as Adele’s 25. Yes, top artists. For free. From the library. Now.

You can do it with Freegal, the downloadable music service on the library’s website. There are more than 3 million MP3 songs waiting for you to download. All you need is your library card number and PIN and you’ve got access to the entire Sony Music Entertainment catalog including top artists, current releases, a fantastic retrospective collection and music from around the world. You can search by artist, album or genre – from Be Bop, Big Band, Blue Grass and Broadway to Soul, Soundtrack, Techno and Zydeco. You’ll find everything from Country to Opera. From Kelly Clarkson to Pavarotti. There are also thousands of music videos to download.

And here it the unbelievable part of the deal. The songs aren’t on loan. There is no returning them to the library. Once you’ve downloaded them, they are yours to keep, to play, to transfer or burn to a CD. They’re yours. The only restriction is that you are limited to five downloads a week. That’s 260 free tunes a year downloaded to your computer, MP3 player or mobile device. Use the Freegal app on your personal device to make the download even easier.

Sound tempting? Want to try it? Visit our website,, open the eLibrary tab and click on Freegal. Trust me. It delivers all that it promises.

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