Visit a Museum this Winter

The New England winter has arrived at last. We enjoyed the warm fall and the chance to linger outdoors, but now, the lawn furniture is definitely put away, the storm windows are down, and the buckets of ice melt stand ready. The cold, blustery days of winter encourage us to stay inside, and enjoy indoor activities – cooking, reading, writing, crafts and other interests. However, too much time confined within the same four walls of our homes can leave us slightly stir-crazy. So here’s a suggestion for spending time indoors while enjoying sights and sounds that are new and interesting – visit a museum.

Why should you visit a museum? Here are some ideas to consider.

Museums make us feel good. They offer positive experiences that we can re-visit in our memory time and time again. They are big and bright and filled with interesting things. Museums make us smarter. Exhibits inspire interest in areas of study, items, time periods, or ideas; they satisfy and stimulate our curiosity. We can spend as much or as little time as we like exploring. The environment allows us to form our own unique experiences and take away what interests us. It’s impossible to leave a museum without acquiring some new information or insight.

Museums are a great way to spend time with family or friends. A day at the museum offers a chance to engage with each other while engaging with the content of the collection. This shared learning experience builds bonds of friendship, camaraderie and understanding.

Within under an hour’s drive from our homes, we can explore Dutch painting in the time of Rembrandt, discover the influence of Asia on the arts of Colonial America, admire the treasures of Ancient Nubia, map the whaling exploits of Moby-Dick, wander in a tropical courtyard, walk through a 100-year-old Japanese house or journey through the African continent. Sound tempting?

The library offers passes to many museums in the area, so you can’t use museum admission costs as an excuse to stay at home. Library passes provide for discounted or free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Isabella Stewart Garner Museum, the Museum of Science, the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, the Children’s Museum in Boston, and the Children’s Museum in Easton. To reserve your pass and get information about hours, directions and exhibits, visit the library’s website, , and click on Passes. For more information about this service, call the library at 508-823-1344.

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