Hands up for Heroes!

We’ve been talking about courage recently as part of our Raynham Reads 2016. This year’s reading selection is Profiles in Courage, by John F. Kennedy, so our events and programs are centered on this theme. We’ve created a collage of quotes about courage that catches your eye as you come through the library door, a collection of books about courage, and those who showed courage, for you to browse through, a discussion of the book and a series of programs about local heroes Toby Gilmore, Frederick Anderson and Jared Monti, all of whom courageously distinguished themselves fighting for this country.

One of the most enjoyable activities has been the reading about courage for the second, third and fourth graders at the LaLiberte school. Friends of the Library volunteers read the book Being Courageous, by Jill Lynn Donahue, to the classes, and then asked the kids to think about a time when they showed courage. The children wrote a short sentence about it on a paper cutout of a hand. We now have the hands displayed at the library as Hands Up for Heroes! It’s a colorful display that brightens up the Children’s Room with hands of yellow, blue, green, orange, red, purple and white. The children’s thoughts are inspiring, entertaining and sometimes wise beyond their years. They remind us that life has its challenges at any age, and that overcoming our fears is what helps us grow. We often think of courage as big, but courage is displayed every day in many small acts of kindness and bravery. Here are a few of the small courageous acts the children described.

I was courageous when I…. told my parents I broke the window of my garage…went in the sea because I was scared of sharks…did not want to do soccer but I did it anyway… couldn’t read but still tried to read a book but I failed…came to school on the first day of 4th grade…told the truth and didn’t let my sister take the blame…raised my hand in math class…didn’t want to go first in the haunted house but went first anyway…touched a spider web…went on a big roller-coaster that was two feet high…went under water and I didn’t know how to swim…was afraid to ask the two new kids if they wanted to be friends with me but now they are my best friends…wore glasses for the first time…went to school because I thought everyone was going to be smarter than me.

You’re invited to view the Hands Up for Heroes display in the Children’s Room throughout April.


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