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Using the Library from Home

Amid the whirl of the holidays, you may have missed another celebrated event of the season – the winter solstice. The winter solstice, the day of the longest night and the shortest amount of daylight, occurred on December 21st this

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Library Service in Raynham

The Town of Raynham is currently conducting a survey to determine present and future needs of the Town in order to plan how to meet those needs in a way that best serves the community. Thinking about the future is

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Best Books to Movies 2018

With the cold dark nights of winter upon us, nothing sounds as inviting as getting cozy on the couch and curling up with a good book. If you’re not in the reading mood, there are always great films to watch.

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Beyond the Bestsellers

Bestsellers come, and then, they go.  When first published they are raved about and read. The library can’t buy enough copies to meet the demand. Dozens of people wait patiently for their turn to read the latest James Patterson, John

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Fall Book Sale

Fall in New England is a magical season. We are enchanted by the orange, yellow and gold landscape that surrounds us, and charmed by the plump harvest pumpkins and pots of colorful chrysanthemums that decorate doorsteps. The drone of leaf

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Prelude to War, 1919-1939

In the eleventh month, on the eleventh day, at the eleventh hour in 1918, the world powers brought an end to one of the most violent conflicts in the history of civilization. The Great War, involving most of Europe, Britain

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Join the Discussion

You may think it all started with Oprah, but you’d be wrong. She certainly popularized it, but its origins can be traced to the eighteenth century. What is it? It’s the book club. By some estimates, more than five million

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