Summer at the Library

Summer has officially arrived, and at the public library, we couldn’t be happier. Summer is a special time at the library, a time when children fill the building with excited voices and sounds of laughter. The Children’s Room overflows with youthful energy and enthusiasm. Children love to read; they love to come to the library, and we love that they come.

Some may wonder about the importance of reading for children today. After all, so much of learning and entertainment involves looking at a screen, it is tempting to think that reading doesn’t matter as much as it used to. It seems so much easier to watch the movie than to read the book. There are actually a number of good reasons why children – and all of us – should read. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Reading exercises our brains. It’s a complex mental task that involves strengthening and building brain connections. Reading gives us insight into the world around us – about people, places and events outside our own experience, and helps to build background knowledge. Reading develops our imagination, helps to develop empathy, improves our ability to concentrate and enriches our vocabulary. Reading also relaxes the body and calms the mind, but, most importantly, reading is simply fun.

Summer reading programs in public libraries provide quality learning activities that are not only fun, but also encourage some of the best techniques identified by research as being important to the reading process. Research shows that free, voluntary reading is essential to helping kids become better readers, writers, and spellers. Children read more when they can choose materials based on their own interests. Self-selection of reading materials is an extremely important factor in motivating struggling readers, and is a key component of our summer library program.

This summer we’re putting lots of fun into reading for both kids and adults. Our Universe of Stories program offers reading incentives, weekly activities, movies, special events and tickets to our annual ice cream social. We’ll explore the night sky with the Museum of Science traveling planetarium, learn to play the ukulele, be amazed by floating beach balls with Mad Science, and laugh along with ventriloquist Kevin Driscoll and his dummies. Celebrate the summer with us. Register for reading at the Raynham Public Library. For more information, visit our Summer at the Library page on our website, or visit the library.

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