Benefits of Book Sales

Fall is well and truly here. The sights and sounds of the season are all around us. Trees stand bare against the sky while the soft drone of leaf blowers fills the air. The days are crisp and the nights are cool; we’ve turned up the thermostats and slipped into sweaters. We now have more time to enjoy the comforts of home and hearth since our evenings arrive earlier with the end of daylight savings time. Our calendars are full of fall events – football games, church suppers, school happenings and county fairs. The eager among us have even started planning those holiday dinners. But wait! Before we plunge headlong into the holidays, there’s one more event that marks the season – the Friends of the Library Annual Fall Book Sale.

Library book sales can be the stuff of dreams for both library supporters and book lovers. For book lovers, each sale offers an instant expansion of that home collection of cookbooks, mystery novels, or gardening guides and for only a few dollars. Paperbacks might cost only 50 cents and hardcover a dollar or so. By the end of the sale, when books are sold by the bag, things get even better for the buyers.

Library supporters love book sales because they are an important source of income for the library. Libraries depend on book sales to help defray expenses. We are fortunate that our Friends of the Library sponsor two sales each year – one in the fall and the other in the spring. Both events are important sources of income for the library. Funds are used to purchase museum and zoo passes and support our children’s summer reading program. Our Friends work long and hard to organize, sort and sell hundreds of items for each sale.

Here are a few more reasons to shop book sales. Book sales are a bargain. Library book sales make ownership of books affordable to everyone. You can spend a lot or spend a little and still go home with a bag full of books. Book sales promote recycling – much better for someone else to read the book than to discard it completely. Book sales promote a sense of community. By donating your items, you become part of the larger effort to support library service. Book sales are fun. Everyone loves to browse through tables loaded with books. Book sales raise money for the library in a satisfying way.

You never know what you’ll find – a new bestseller, an old favorite from your childhood, a book long out of print. The oft-told saying that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is never truer than at a book sale. Discover your treasure at the Raynham Public Library’s Fall Book Sale on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday November 8, 9 and 10. Doors open at 10:00 am on Friday and Saturday, and 12 Noon on Sunday.

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