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Summer is for Reading!

Summer is almost here! You can soon take life a little easier – slow down, relax, slip into those comfy flip-flops and enjoy all that summer has to offer, whether it’s lounging by the pool, dozing in the hammock or

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Resistance Fiction

Next year will mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the end of World War II, and as the 2020 dates approach, publishers are eager to capitalize on the public’s interest. Dozens of books have already been published, with dozens more soon

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Let’s hear from the author!

Who doesn’t love an author book talk? Authors love book talks because it gives them the opportunity to connect with their readers and fans. It’s an opportunity to introduce themselves, as well as their books, to an audience. They hope

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The Enchantment of Poetry

When I was a child, I loved poetry.  My book of A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson was a cherished possession; I still have my copy, tattered and torn, but, nevertheless, readable. As a child, I would

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A Little Mystery

We all love a little mystery in our lives. Small mysteries make life so much more interesting and so much less predictable. “The need for mystery,” wrote American author Ken Kesey, “is greater than the need for an answer.” What better

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Books at the Oscars

The 2019 Oscar nominees were announced last week and the list is, once again, a tribute to the written word as well as the visual, creative and technical artistry of the American film industry. Some of the year’s best films

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Genetic Genealogy

Most of us are curious about our ancestors. Knowing our family history is about satisfying the basic human need to understand ourselves. It’s about finding answers to the questions that confound us throughout life: Where do I come from? Why

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