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Engaging with the Community

The library is full of stories. Not only do we have shelves full of stories—both fiction and nonfiction—but by virtue of being an active community center, the library is also a place where so many stories happen. Today’s library is

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Summer Fun Begins!

Summer is just around the corner, and at the library, we couldn’t be happier. Summer is a special time for us, a time when the sounds of children’s laughter and eager, excited voices fill the library. Children love to read;

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Interlibrary Loan

Every day is Christmas at the library. By that I mean, every day we get to open boxes of surprises. The boxes come to us each morning around eleven o’clock, and we never know just what we’ll find when we

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New Year – New You

At this time of year we are bombarded with ideas for self-improvement. You can’t avoid the constant reminder that the new year brings new opportunities to improve the old you. It’s New Year, new you, right? – new body, new

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Discover the Virtual Library

We’re all familiar with the expression What you see is what you get – meaning that nothing is hidden. There is nothing more to see than what you see at the surface. It’s also an acronym used in computing and

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Preserving Our History

As you grow older, I’ve heard it said, it’s the places you remember, not the people. I’m not sure I agree with that statement, perhaps I’m not old enough, but it does give me pause for thought. When I think

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Let’s Have a Conversation

Work in a public library offers fascinating insight into a community. People of different ages, gender, ethnicity, economic status and education enter our door all day long with diverse interests and needs. It is a fundamental principle of library service

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